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A Promising Future

The community built Hoag on the promise of providing world-class care in our own backyard. More than six decades later, Hoag continues to abide by that vow, and in this edition of Hoag for Life you will read how Hoag is extending that commitment into the future. You will be introduced to one of the new programs at Hoag Women’s Health Institute designed to support women physically, mentally and emotionally. You will read about how Hoag is expanding our urgent care facilities to bring quality care closer to home. You will discover how Hoag is launching a comprehensive Head and Neck Cancer Program to address the needs of a very demanding cancer diagnosis. You will also read about Hoag Promise, Hoag Hospital Foundation’s comprehensive campaign designed to keep Hoag at the forefront of innovative health care. These are just a few of the ways Hoag is living up to its promise to the community – and in doing so, providing you, your family and our community with a promising future.