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Ask the Doctor – Trushar Patel, M.D.

Q: Are there any new non-surgical treatment options for my enlarged prostate?

A: An enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can result in urinary symptoms such as having to urinate often, waking up at night to urinate, incontinence, and pain with urination. About one in four men by the age of 55 and almost half of men over 75 experience symptoms related to an enlarged prostate.

Treatment options for an enlarged prostate include medications and/or surgical options. One of the newer treatment options is a minimally invasive therapy called prostate artery embolization (PAE). PAE can help to improve symptoms without the need for surgery, a hospital stay, or lengthy recovery period. PAE works by blocking the blood flow to the prostate helping to shrink the prostate over time. Hoag was among the first to offer this procedure in Orange County following its FDA approval in 2018.

The procedure is performed by an interventional radiologist, a doctor who specializes in minimally invasive treatments using imaging to help guide treatments throughout the body.

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