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COVID-19 Update: Hoag Remains Ready

When the global pandemic hit Orange County in January, Hoag was ready to help. Partnering with the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA), Hoag’s highly skilled physicians and nurses cared for the state’s first known COVID-19 patient, who has since fully recovered.

Since that first moment, Hoag has been working closely with OCHCA and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) by sharing and learning best practices as the rapidly evolving situation changes the world. Hoag’s collaborative culture, its focus on evidence-based practices and its expert medical staff ensures that, even during a pandemic, patients who come to Hoag are safe and cared for with a high level of expertise and compassion.

Hoag’s Infection Prevention team is an integral part of the ongoing organizational readiness to meet community needs, and the strong relationships with public health agencies allows Hoag to always be prepared to best serve our community.

Hoag’s COVID-19 management team continues to meticulously track the number of available beds, ventilators, personal protective equipment (PPE), pharmaceuticals and more. Keeping a close accounting of all available resources ensures that Hoag is prepared if and when a second wave or a surge arrives here in our community.

Hoag’s readiness includes our well-trained physicians, nurses, medical teams and support staff, who work tirelessly on the frontlines of this rapidly evolving pandemic to care for all of our patients – whether seeking care for COVID-19 or another health need– and prevent the spread of a highly infectious disease.

Hoag understands that recovering from illness involves more than watching for vital signs and addressing medical issues. Safety protocols during COVID-19 mean that most of our patients cannot have family members and loved ones visit them while they remain in the hospital. To help make patients and their loved ones more comfortable, Hoag facilitates video chats with family and friends. And the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag continues to repurpose its robust collection of virtual reality tools, allowing some patients to “travel” to places far and wide.

Because of the hospital’s unique research infrastructure, Hoag was one of the few sites in the country selected to participate in a clinical trial to test Remdesivir, a possible therapeutic option for COVID-19. Hoag was also among the first hospitals to obtain FDA permission to use convalescent plasma in critically ill COVID-19 patients. As new testing and treatment options are deployed in the fight against COVID-19, Hoag will deliver on its promise to make them available to our community.

As a community hospital, Hoag is deeply woven into the fabric of Orange County. The overwhelming message we're hearing is one of unity and partnership. We are deeply grateful to donors who rallied around us to donate supplies and more than $6 million to Hoag's COVID-19 Support Fund. Together, we remain ready for whatever comes next.