Hoag Pumps Innovation and Collaboration into Heart Care


The chambers of the heart work together as a perfect team, oxygenating and circulating life-sustaining blood to the body. But when the heart is in trouble, patients want to rely on another incredible team to help.

Consistently ranked among the top institutes in the nation, the Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart & Vascular Institute at Hoag provides precise, tailored care with a renowned team-based approach.

One of the most common types of heart conditions is cardiac arrhythmia, which occurs when electrical signals in the heart don’t function properly. Symptoms can include fatigue, chest pain and dizziness – a vague set of experiences that require state-of-the-art technology and an experienced team to properly diagnose and treat.

Hoag’s Arrhythmia Program provides excellence in every aspect of arrhythmia care – from medical management to procedural intervention, to industry-leading research.

Only Hoag offers the full spectrum of treatment options, paired with the most advanced technology in Orange County, and in some cases, the nation, for arrhythmia management.

During the state-of-the-art Maze procedures, for instance, cardiothoracic surgeons work to carefully destroy or ablate, problematic heart tissue in the area where the arrhythmia begins. The process creates an electrical block, stopping the abnormal heart rhythm.

“Every member of our team, from cardiologists to electrophysiologists to cardiothoracic surgeons, collaborates to ensure that we uncover the underlying cause of a patient’s condition and come up with the best game plan for each individual patient,” said Michael Panutich, M.D., electrophysiologist at Hoag. “The end result is that Hoag helps patients feel better sooner.”

Collaboration is particularly essential for the highly advanced hybrid procedure which pairs catheter ablation with a specialized surgical procedure. While the surgeon ablates the outside of the heart, the electrophysiologist – a cardiologist who has completed extensive fellowship training in heart rhythm disorders – performs a similar procedure inside the heart. This tandem surgical approach helps stop abnormal electrical signals in all layers of the heart tissue.

With the help of philanthropy, Hoag is continuing to collaborate and innovate. New cardiac catheterization labs/interventional radiology suites are now open in Irvine, for instance, and are unique in allowing specialized care for both cardiac and interventional radiology specialties in a shared space. Hoag offers a total of seven cardiac catheterization labs between Newport Beach and Irvine.

And Hoag recently became the first hospital in California to offer the HeartLight® Endoscopic Ablation System, which essentially creates a 4D-view of pulmonary veins to make treatment safer and more precise.

Hoag physicians are also actively involved in progressive research and clinical trials.

Supported by Hoag’s Institute for Research & Education, the institute is participating in several studies of both drug and medical devices. Major areas of focus include cardiac imaging studies, techniques for testing and programming implantable cardiac defibrillators/pacemakers and cardiac valve surgery.

“Hoag’s continued investment in state-of-the-art tools speaks volumes about the hospital’s commitment to quality care,” said Teferi Mitiku, M.D., electrophysiologist and cardiologist at Hoag. “Not all arrhythmias are created equal. Some require keen-eyed medical management and monitoring, while others benefit from the most advanced surgical procedures available. Having all the tools available allows us to make the best decisions for our patients.”

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