HMG Provides the Home Team Advantage


When care is needed, Hoag is there too – bringing primary and specialty care closer to home. Hoag Medical Group (HMG) has comprehensive medical services to guarantee access to world-class care through the Hoag network.

From primary care physicians to specialists in acupuncture, allergy & immunology, endocrinology, geriatrics, HIV medicine, infectious disease, neuromusculoskeletal medicine, rheumatology, and sports medicine, HMG offers the full complement of care in convenient locations throughout the community.

The teams collaborate, often in the same office, to provide seamless, comprehensive care. This close working relationship means that a patient's condition and medical issues receive an enviable level of specialized attention.

“It’s easy for patients to visit when they need care, and I can help with common sports injuries and conditions that are not specific to athletes, such as plantar fasciitis and chronic joint pain,” said sports medicine specialist Gabriel Carpio-Bracho, M.D., who treats patients in Irvine and Huntington Beach, and will expand to Tustin later this year.

Conveniently located in nearby health centers and hospitals, HMG also offers referrals to imaging and lab services, world-class specialized services and access to a wider network of specialists, as needed, through Hoag Affiliated Physicians.

Because HMG is part of the Hoag network, a patient's medical records are kept in an electronic file, accessible to each member of his or her medical team, to ensure seamless care. A patient doesn’t need to keep track of when back pain flares up or a list of medications taken in the past; doctors and specialists have all the information at their fingertips by using a patient's medical history.

“What is special about HMG is not just the convenience, but the level of expertise our team-based approach brings to our patients,” Dr. Carpio-Bracho said. “We’re here to help the community – and bringing world-class care into the community helps.”

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