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The Buzz About Urgent Care

Today, convenience is key. We’ve all changed the way we complete everyday tasks to make our lives easier.

With urgent care facilities opening throughout Orange County, convenience can be true for health care. Urgent cares are growing in popularity to alleviate the wait times and high costs of emergency rooms.

A decade ago, the emergency room was the catch-all place where people would go when something – anything – was wrong after hours. Headaches. Flu symptoms. Sprained ankles. It was all taken care of in the emergency room.

Absolutely, there are times when the emergency room is needed – in the case of life-threatening conditions. On the opposite end of the spectrum are planned visits to your primary doctor. But what about those in-between times?

Hoag Urgent Care offers access to some of the best physicians, clinicians and medical technology right in your own neighborhood.

“Not all medical situations require an emergency room visit, but some issues simply can’t wait until your primary care doctor can see you,” said Seric Cusick, M.D., medical director of Hoag Hospital Irvine Emergency Department. “Urgent care offers you a place to go to in your own community to serve your needs.”

Dr. Cusick encourages patients to consider the severity of their condition when deciding what type of care is right for them. Urgent care provides convenient services for non-life threatening conditions such as colds, sore throats, ear infections, sprains, strains and more, often with less wait time.

“Having urgent care locations embedded in the community is an important piece of the health care puzzle,” said Tyler McAtee, M.D., Hoag Urgent Care physician. “We’re trying to improve access for patients in a manner that is a win-win – better service conveniently located near their home or office.”

Open seven days a week with extended hours on evenings, weekends and holidays, Hoag currently has 10 urgent care facilities throughout Orange County, including locations in Aliso Viejo, Anaheim Hills, Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbour, Irvine – Los Olivos, Irvine – Sand Canyon, Irvine – Woodbridge, Irvine – Woodbury, Newport Beach and Tustin.

“Our urgent care facilities are a great way for patients to find peace of mind,” Dr. Cusick said. “This keeps emergency rooms open for what the community needs them for – emergencies.”

For urgent care locations, hours of operation and phone numbers, visit hoag.org/huc-locations.