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Hoag Opens Surgery Center and Endoscopy Center in Irvine

Hoag Health Center Irvine is adding two services this spring that patients and doctors alike have been asking for.

Filling important outpatient service needs at the new health care center, Hoag Surgery Center and Hoag Endoscopy Center will complement the excellent outpatient and acute care services already offered by Hoag in Irvine.

Hoag Surgery Center – Irvine

Hoag Surgery Center will accommodate patients whose conditions and procedures are significant enough to require as much as 23 hours of recovery, but not so significant that they require a longer hospital stay. While many surgery centers in the county close their doors by 4 p.m., Hoag Surgery Center has the flexibility to offer Hoag-quality care for its patients after hours and overnight in well-appointed private rooms.

“We had the ability to plan for the future with this Surgery Center, and we knew that more preventative and minimally-invasive procedures were on the horizon,” said Marcy Brown, vice president of Hoag Hospital Irvine and Ambulatory Services.

Surgery centers are subject to the same type of rigorous government oversight and regulation as hospitals. In fact, Hoag Surgery Center has received certification from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, an industry leader.

Even so, care in these facilities is typically reserved for healthier patients and less complicated procedures.

Placing the most advanced surgical technology in a highly accessible and aesthetically pleasing environment not only appeals to patients, but also to the surgeons around the nation who have wanted such facilities for years. Hoag will offer select specialty procedures at the Surgery Center including gynecologic, urologic, breast, ear, nose and throat, neuro spine and general surgery.

Hoag Endoscopy Center – Irvine

Hoag has cared for patients for several years at Hoag Endoscopy Center in Newport Beach, and that outstanding care model will be available in the new Hoag Endoscopy Center in Irvine.

The Center will offer outpatient services, such as colonoscopy, esophogogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), and sigmoidoscopy. Conceived with physician input in order to ensure streamlined patient visits, the Center was designed with patient comfort and convenience in mind alongside state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Patients Come First

Adding these services to Hoag’s “health care village” in Irvine enhances the provision of high quality health care services to the community where and when they need it. The quality of care available at Hoag Surgery Center and Hoag Endoscopy Center is unparalleled due to the combination of facilities, amenities, and perhaps most of all – the clinicians and care providers.

“Hoag’s dedicated team of specialty trained nurses, surgeons, gastroenterologists and anesthesiologists is devoted to making the patient experience as comfortable and expedient as possible,” Brown said. “This level of personalized care truly sets Hoag apart.”

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