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An Ounce of Prevention

For more than six decades, Hoag has pushed health care forward with the region’s best providers, most innovative treatments and highly advanced technology. Today, we go a step further. In this issue of Hoag for Life, you will see how Hoag is at the forefront of preventative medicine – stopping disease before it has a chance to develop. You will read about the elements of risk reduction and active surveillance we’ve added to our Urologic Cancer Program and our new Breast & Ovarian Cancer Prevention Program. You will learn how we are improving your odds of staying healthy through proper nutrition, exercise, meditation and stress reduction. You will learn about the clinicians working to get you a good night’s sleep at the new Hoag Health Center Irvine Sleep Center, and you will see how our new Hoag Surgery Center and Hoag Endoscopy Center in Irvine will make many procedures more efficient and accessible. At Hoag, we have always been committed to offering you the most advanced treatments. Now, we are equally committed to providing you the tools to stay well.