Hoag Medical Group Increases Patient Access

Hospitals recognize that patients need after-hours care when they’re sick or hurt, but Hoag Medical Group (HMG) understands that people also need extended hours for the preventative care that can keep them well.

That is why HMG has increased access to quality nonemergency and primary care. Patients now have the flexibility of scheduling primary care appointments with HMG physicians during the day, evenings and weekends at select Urgent Care locations in Woodbridge and Los Olivos.

Increased availability of HMG, board-certified physicians helps empower patients so they can proactively manage and avoid potentially serious conditions. Patients no longer need to take time off of work or school to receive important primary care services, from adult physicals and pediatric well visits, to follow-up care.

“It’s a great service for the patients,” said Mercedes Tomioka, M.D., who sees primary care patients at multiple locations in Irvine. “Now I have the opportunity to treat patients who have difficulty accessing health care during a traditional work day.”

Dr. Tomioka, who is double-board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, is one of the many highly-skilled HMG physicians who has chosen to offer appointments on evenings and weekends as a service to the community.

“Some people can’t take time off from work or school to get a well woman exam or a physical,” Dr. Tomioka said. “With after-hours care, we’re able to fulfill this need for the patients.”

These after-hour appointments also provide seamless continuity of care for patients across the entire St. Joseph Hoag Health network. Patients too busy to schedule important follow-up care with their own doctors are able to schedule needed appointments through HMG physicians. If patients need to visit a different location, their medical records show up with them.

“Having a shared electronic medical record platform improves patient care because I have access to an accurate medical history and treatment. For example, some patients have trouble remembering the names of medications they have taken, while others might recall the medications, but they do not always remember the exact dosages.” Dr. Tomioka said.

Similarly, the details of a patient’s after-hours visit are accessible to their normal primary care physician during any subsequent visits, creating a team approach to patient care that benefits the patient.

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