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Hoag Seeks Independence to Fulfill Its Promise to the Community

For nearly 70 years, Hoag has a legacy of meeting the needs of this community. Now, we must ensure we continue that work as Orange County grows and the health care needs of its residents continue to change.

In 2012, Hoag and locally based St. Joseph Health joined together to improve the coordination and care for the entire community. Unfortunately, our plans to make care easier by working together did not move forward.

In 2015, St. Joseph was swallowed up by Seattle-based Providence Health. Now, the focus on Orange County has been lost. Hoag finds its mission at risk within a large out of state hospital system that threatens Hoag’s unique culture and role in this community.

That is why, after a year of attempting to negotiate with Providence, Hoag’s Board and its Founders voted unanimously to pursue legal action to restore Hoag’s independence. Independence means Hoag will take back control over decisions about how care is delivered.

“We have been so moved by the way the community is standing with us as we seek independence,” said Robert T. Braithwaite, president & CEO of Hoag. “So many people have shared what Hoag means to them. That deeply held connection between Hoag and the community played an important role in the Board’s decision to regain local control.”

What Does ‘Local Control’ Mean?

Put simply, “local control” means Hoag leadership and medical staff will, once again, define the course of Hoag’s own future.

Local control also gives patients and their physician the freedom to decide the best course of care based on best medical practice and what is right and comfortable for each patient. Currently, that decision making is constrained by Hoag’s affiliation with Providence, creating more work for physicians and staff, and more frustrations for our patients.

"We can't let this happen to Hoag and our community. We believe our physicians and patients deserve more,” said Michael Hurwitz, M.D., chief of staff at Hoag. “We aspire to a future defined by agility, innovation and independence. We can best fulfill our mission to the community by keeping our focus and resources local and remembering the core values which have sustained us through all these years: excellence, respect, patient centeredness, integrity, humility, service to the community and access for all.”

The next wave of discoveries and innovations for Hoag patients will build upon recent advancements in numerous exciting areas, including virtual reality, robotics, cell therapy and clinical trials. But without restored independence, Providence will continue to chip away at Hoag’s cherished patient-centric culture, limiting the ability to fulfil our mission.

What are the Next Steps?

As the effort moves through the legal process, Hoag will keep the community updated on the progress through direct communication.

At heart, Hoag is a community hospital dedicated to serving Orange County. Dedication to our mission is why Hoag is consistently ranked among the top hospitals in the nation for cardiovascular care, neurology, women’s health, cancer care and more. Our value is here, with and for our neighbors.

Please visit HoagForOC.com to get the latest information and to show your support, including signing a letter of support for Hoag.