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Hoag Brings Cell Therapy for Solid Tumors to Orange County

As the highest volume cancer center in Orange County, with survival rates that continually exceed national averages, Hoag is a leader in personalized cancer care.

The newest addition to Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s personalized care is cell therapy, a type of immunotherapy, or immuno-oncology, which uses a patient’s own immune system to fight and destroy cancer cells. Hoag’s Cell Therapy Program will conduct several cell therapy clinical trials, contributing to the development of promising new therapies for some of the deadliest forms of cancers.

Hoag is the first hospital in Orange County to offer access to cell therapy for solid tumors.

“Immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer is here to stay. Cancer experts have seen a number of cell therapy trials that are now meaningfully expanding today’s cancer therapeutics,” said Burton Eisenberg, M.D., executive medical director, Hoag Family Cancer Institute and the Grace E. Hoag Executive Medical Director Endowed Chair. “Hoag is joining the fight and pushing forward on some of the most deadly and challenging cancers to find new trials and therapies to provide new hope to our patients.”

Hoag has selected to use NK cells, or natural killer cells, for their clinical research studies. NK cells are the newest cell therapy for cancer edging into the spotlight.

This new form of immunotherapy is showing not only what researchers hope to be greater clinical efficacy, but also less toxicity, resulting in fewer side effects, when compared to CAR T cell therapy. NK cells are the first responders that help the immune system recognize cancer and initiate a large immune response, resulting in the development of antibodies to fight the cancer, which stay active in the body much longer than traditional chemotherapy drugs.

Currently, Hoag is studying the response of combining standard chemotherapy with tumor-targeted NK cell therapy in patients with locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer. Hoag is the first in Orange County to offer this innovative phase 2 clinical trial.

“For many patients, especially those with advanced cancers, a clinical trial can offer a more effective treatment option than standard therapy,” Dr. Eisenberg said. “Thanks in part to philanthropic support, Hoag continues to relentlessly pursue innovative treatment options and leading-edge medical advances to deliver a level of care that is truly personalized medicine.”

Clinical trials and research are essential in the fight against cancer. Hoag Family Cancer Institute offers innovative early development drug trials, as well as later phase trials, to ensure Hoag cancer patients have access to the best available treatment.

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