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Hoag Urges Community to Maintain Cancer Screenings

Hoag Family Cancer Institute is reminding the public that the earlier cancer is detected, the more treatable it can be. Annual cancer screenings are safe and can even be life-saving.

“Due to concerns about COVID-19, many members of the community are delaying their screening tests,” said Babak Rad, M.D., program director of Hoag Colorectal Cancer Program. “We are concerned about the possibility of a second pandemic: one in which people with cancer who have yet to be diagnosed present with more advanced tumors.”

Since March, hospitals across the nation have seen significant dips in cancer diagnosis. As a result of delayed screenings and not addressing cancer concerns, cancer diagnosis may be detected only at more advanced stages.

“Cancer screenings are in place to keep our community healthy, or to detect a cancer at its earliest stage when we can most effectively treat it,” said Daryl Pearlstein, M.D., program director of Hoag Lung Cancer Program. “Hoag is safe to return to. With multiple safety protocols in place, there is now a greater risk of ignoring cancer concerns and not maintaining screenings, than exposure to coronavirus.”

Annual Screening Checklist:

Contact your primary care physician or Hoag’s Cancer Prevention, High Risk and Early Detection Network at 888-537-7507 to schedule needed screenings today