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Cardiac Care Can’t Wait

COVID-19 has forced many things to wait, but Hoag’s Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart & Vascular Institute cautions that cardiac care is not one of them.

“Heart disease and cardiac events do not stop because of COVID-19,” said Lee Carter, M.D., Hoag cardiologist and physician advisor. “If you have been delaying cardiovascular care, it is vital that you call your cardiac specialist and schedule an appointment today. A lot can change in a few months, and your health remains our top priority.”

Following federal, state and local guidelines, Hoag has increased safety protocols to ensure the highest quality cardiac care in the safest possible setting. Hoag cardiac specialists are offering both in person and telehealth visits, when appropriate.

To prepare for a visit:

  • Make a list of current medications
  • List any symptoms, side effects or new allergies
  • If recorded, note weekly blood pressure readings
  • Compile a list of any recent procedures
  • Note recent travel history
  • Disclose known COVID-19 contact or symptoms to staff when making an appointment.

Hoag is the highest-rated cardiovascular program in Orange County and is recognized nationally for state-of-the-art care. Our multidisciplinary, team is firm in its mission to provide comprehensive, safe care to ensure patients remain healthy during this time and beyond.

Cardiac care can’t wait. Call today to schedule an appointment.