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Serving the Orange County Community

Dear Neighbors,

Every day, I walk through the doors of Hoag Hospital to a rush of people doing exceptional things. Emergency room doctors saving lives. Nurse navigators removing some of the fear from an unexpected diagnosis. Specialists pioneering the care that transforms once-fatal conditions into manageable ones.

The entire Hoag family is abuzz with intellectual curiosity, a love of what they do and a singular focus on our patients. That’s because our patients are our friends, family and neighbors whether they are next door or just down the freeway in the next town. We love that we get to come to work each day to help the people of Orange County.

Everyone here shares a mission to serve the community in the most innovative, profound and professional way. National awards and regional recognitions are a testament to the quality of care at Hoag, but the sincere words of gratitude, the hugs between family members and medical staff, these are what underscore our real success. As advanced and cutting-edge as Hoag is, we are still at our heart a community hospital that belongs to all of Orange County.

It is truly an honor to witness firsthand the trust our community has placed in us, and I want to thank you for allowing us to continually earn that trust.


Robert T. Braithwaite

President and Chief Executive Officer of Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian