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Patients Access Hoag for the Most Trusted Care in Orange County

Emily was born at Hoag. A daredevil of a child, she grew up knowing all too well the nice emergency room staff at the hospital, and she received all her pediatric care by Hoag-affiliated physicians.

As a young adult, Emily spent time at the hospital, accompanying her mother to the Hoag Family Cancer Center. She got to know the oncologists and the breast cancer surgeons, and was impressed by their compassion and skill during the year they treated her mom.

So, when it was time to start her own family, Emily knew exactly where she wanted to deliver her baby. She knew she wanted her daughter’s pediatrician to be affiliated with Hoag, and she took the time during her company’s open enrollment period to select physicians who ensured her access to Hoag Hospital and Hoag specialists.

“Every year during open enrollment, I check to make sure that my family and I have access to Hoag,” Emily said. “I trust Hoag, and I know they have the best doctors and facilities. So, I want to make sure that whatever plan we’re on includes Hoag.”

Whether choosing an HMO or Medicare Advantage plan, a PPO or Medicare insurance, the decisions made during open enrollment can ensure access to all of Hoag’s services.

For plans that require patients to choose a primary care physician (PCP), selecting a PCP from the Hoag network, including Hoag Medical Group (HMG) creates a connection to all of Hoag’s world-class specialized services and nationally recognized specialist physicians.

HMG is the multispecialty physician practice that is most closely aligned with Hoag, providing comprehensive, reliable and connected care for inpatient and outpatient services at Hoag hospitals, health centers and urgent care facilities. Accepting most HMO, PPO, Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, HMG offers same day appointments and unrushed personalized visits.

Emily and others are finding that accessing Hoag has never been easier. With two hospitals, eight health centers, 16 Medical Group primary and specialty offices and 11 Hoag Urgent Care facilities, Hoag offers world-class care in virtually all corners of the county.

Hoag is the highest ranked hospital in Orange County, according to U.S. News & World Report, and provides an unmatched level of skill and care – from an annual checkup, to an urgent care visit or specialized treatment.

While Emily said she wasn’t aware of the accolades, she isn’t surprised by them.

“Hoag is really the best. I have always felt that everyone here cares, and that they are all focused on the patient, whether it’s my mom or my baby,” she said.

To ensure access to the Hoag network, visit JoinHoag.org, or call the Hoag Personal Service Team at 877-423-0183.

How to access Hoag for you and your family.

HMO and Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans

1. Select a Primary Care Physician (PCP).

2. Call the customer service number on your current HMO insurance card, request to change your PCP and medical group, and provide your new physician’s name.

3. Once you receive your new insurance card, call your selected physician’s office to request an appointment.

PPO, Medicare and POS Insurance Plans

1. Select a PCP: By connecting with a PCP, you gain a trusted partner who knows your health history, can help you find the right specialist when needed and can help guide you the health care process.

2. Call your selected physician’s office and schedule an appointment.