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Leading Lung Cancer Care

For every stage of lung cancer, Hoag patients consistently achieve better outcomes than the national average. They are diagnosed earlier, treated more effectively, and are living longer, fuller lives.

A recognized leader in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, Hoag Lung Cancer Program patients’ survival rate is nearly double the national average by utilizing early detection and a subspecialized team of lung experts, ready to conquer cancer.

“I chose Hoag because of the excellence of care and the commitment to healing,” said Deborah McCartney, who left her job at a hospital in Colorado to become a patient at Hoag when she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. “At Hoag, you have so many options, and they don’t stop. They’re aggressive fighters, and they’re in your corner.”

Hoag, an early adopter in the use of low-dose CT scanning for the detection of lung cancer, is always looking for ways to educate the community on screening options. In partnership with a patient’s physician, Hoag’s Lung Cancer Program offers a service around the shared decision-making process to decide if a screening is needed. Those concerned about lung cancer can meet with a nurse practitioner to discuss risk factors, smoking history and other details, to determine if they should be screened.

When a lung lesion is detected, patients have all the access they need to a state-of-the-art approach to treatment. Awarded a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery accreditation from the Surgical Review Corporation, Hoag is dedicated to innovation and mastery of new techniques, diagnostic procedures and cutting-edge treatments.

“Thanks to philanthropic support, we are able to adopt new technologies and quickly get up to speed on the latest treatments and diagnostic tools,” said Daryl Pearlstein, M.D., thoracic surgeon and director of Hoag’s Lung Cancer Program, who is a leader in robotic lung surgery and hosts a national mentorship site at Hoag. “We are now a training facility for several new procedures and techniques.”

Hoag’s patients also have access to molecular profiling, where a sample of their tumor can be sequenced to determine exactly where the mutation took place.

“Molecular profiling and, in turn precision medicine, is allowing us to apply the most effective treatment against that patient’s specific tumor mutation,” Dr. Pearlstein said. “It is really exciting to be able to offer this to our patients in our own backyard.”

To help determine the best course of treatment for patients, Hoag’s Lung Cancer Case Conference meets weekly, bringing together all of a patient’s physicians for a multidisciplinary discussion that includes thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pulmonologists, radiologists, pathologists, nurses and support staff.

“At the end of the day, while state-of-the-art technology and effective clinical trials are something we need to continue to build upon, we need to equally teach the community about prevention and the importance of early detection,” continues Dr. Pearlstein. “Hoag is very proud of the screening program we offer to help patients find cancer at the very earliest stages, when ‘cure’ is easily within reach.”

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