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New Acute Rehabilitation Center Maximizes Independence and Quality of Life

With the recent opening of the Fudge Family Acute Rehabilitation Center, Hoag became one of a few hospitals in Orange County to house a center dedicated to patients who have been treated for neurological and orthopedic issues, as well as traumatic brain injury or stroke.

It is an inspiring, bold move that will help provide a streamlined and comprehensive continuum of care to patients recovering from a major health challenge.

Acute rehabilitation centers are vital for patients who, while past their initial health impact, still need personalized, intensive care to prepare them to integrate into their communities as independently as possible.

“By offering patient-specific daily intensive rehabilitation, acute rehabilitation prepares a patient to reintegrate into community living,” said Keyvan Esmaeili, M.D., medical director of the Fudge Family Acute Rehabilitation Center at Hoag. “Housing the Center on the same campus as the hospital can help bridge and guide the continuum of care.”

The Center, which opened in June at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach, is helping patients regain motor, cognitive, and functional skills through advanced technology and daily, intensive evidence-based practices. Patients’ acute care clinicians are also nearby to follow progress.

“Immediately following a major health event, patients receive intensive medical care. But in the weeks and months after a stroke, heart attack, car accident or other event, many patients still require expert rehabilitation. We now offer acute rehabilitation patients the Hoag clinical team’s quality care oversight beyond hospitalization through these new services,” said Michael Brant-Zawadzki, M.D., F.A.C.R., senior physician executive and the Ron & Sandi Simon Executive Medical Director Endowed Chair of the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag. “We emphasize a combination of physical, occupational and cognitive treatments, within a homelike environment, with family support to maximize personal independence and improve patients’ outcomes.”

Built from the “ground up” by medical experts who have decades of experience in acute rehabilitation, the Fudge Family Acute Rehabilitation Center takes a holistic approach to care. Specialists include physicians, rehabilitation nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, a nurse navigator, a social worker and a recreational therapist. Their acute care clinicians are also nearby to follow progress.

The Center offers evidence-based therapies that enhance recovery, as well as innovative options like garden therapy, a putting green, a smart car simulator and other state-of-the-art equipment.

After suffering a stroke in 2010 and undergoing treatment at Hoag, Gary Fudge recognized the need for an acute rehabilitation center housed inside a hospital like Hoag. With his generous support, he hopes the center bearing his name will help others through the physical and psychological challenges of rehabilitation.

“The simplest of tasks can be tremendously overwhelming and fatiguing for these patients,” said Mark Glavinic, PT, DPT, NCS, Hoag’s director of rehabilitation. “This is about bringing function and independence back to them. We understand that a healing environment promotes rehabilitation, and we have created a center that provides exactly that.”

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