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Health Within Reach

At Hoag, access to health care is not just about being able to see a doctor, but being able to see the right doctor, at the most convenient location. It’s not just about offering the best treatments available today but pushing deep into the possibilities of tomorrow. In this issue of Hoag for Life, you will learn how Hoag is expanding world-class health care with new neurosciences, cardiac and diabetes care programs and an expanded emergency department at Hoag Hospital Irvine, and with the opening of Hoag Health Center Tustin Legacy. You will read about ASPIRE, a program that gives teens and their families access to vital mental health care. You will learn from Hoag Women’s Health Institute physicians about ways that genetic counseling and vaccines are helping to prevent cancer. And you will discover how the new Hoag Endocrine Tumor Program brings medical experts together to treat some of the most difficult tumors in the body. By combining the latest innovations and highly skilled medical teams, Hoag is changing the way access to health care is discussed. Access Hoag for prevention. Access Hoag for empowerment. Access Hoag … for life.