Better Health Through Better Access

Great health care can do great things – as long as patients have access to it. That is why Medical Director, Hoag Urgent Care, Felix Horng, M.D., M.B.A., has dedicated the last decade to changing the way patients receive care.

In 2007, urgent care facilities were popping up in neighborhoods everywhere. At first, they were seen as an alternative to Emergency Departments, but more and more patients are realizing the benefits of treating non-emergency incidents, such as colds, flus and sprained ankles, at an urgent care rather than enduring the long wait times and high costs of the emergency room.

With all of the changes in health care, Dr. Horng believes urgent cares should continue to evolve and be places where patients can receive their primary care too.

More than eight years ago, Dr. Horng opened his family practice and urgent carein the village of Woodbury, giving Irvine residents access to primary care physicians that they could see not only for urgent care, but also for preventative care services after-hours, weekends, and close to home. Under Dr. Horng’s leadership, he plans to recreate this convenient health care service model at other Hoag Urgent Care locations.

“It is exciting to have a partner like Hoag that is very entrepreneurial and wants to serve the community,” Dr. Horng said. “We want to create a one-stop shop to help improve access to health care for patients while reducing health care costs. It’s a win-win.”

Several of Hoag’s Urgent Care locations are expanding services by offering residents a “primary care home,” and the latest in diagnostic and treatment technology. Hoag will be opening two additional Urgent Care locations soon, one in Aliso Viejo and another at the new Hoag Health Center Irvine – Sand Canyon.

Dr. Horng is always focused on ways to improve the patient experience.

“Patients are looking for instant access,” he said. “I think that’s where patients are headed, and that’s where we are headed.”

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