Aquablation Therapy for BPH

Robotic Precision

Aquablation therapy is much more precise compared to alternative surgical methods. Surgeons can precisely map out sections of the prostate to remove while sparing healthy tissue.

A surgical map is created, customizing the plan to each patient’s anatomy. As the only procedure enabling the surgeon to use a camera, or cystoscope, in tandem with ultrasound imaging, Aquablation enables the surgeon to view the full procedure in real time. It is performed using a robotically controlled, heat-free waterjet, allowing for decreased human error and extreme accuracy.

Minimal Side Effects

Given this level of precision, Aquablation has extremely low rates of complications such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence. Studies have shown that 99% of men with BPH had no incontinence following therapy and nearly 90% were able to preserve male sexual function.

One Size Fits All

Aquablation is appropriate for virtually any patient with BPH, regardless of size of the prostate. Your doctor can help you choose the right treatment methodology for you.

Finished in Under an Hour

While alternative surgical procedures may take hours to undergo, Aquablation therapy is completed in less than an hour – allowing you to get on with your life that much sooner.