Breast Biopsy

A biopsy is a procedure in which cells are removed from suspicious areas and analyzed by a physician specializing in pathology, to determine whether or not cancer is present. Because suspicious areas in the breast are more commonly discovered by imaging rather than by being felt in an external examination, imaging is often the best method to direct the breast biopsy procedure. Biopsies done under radiologic guidance are performed with a needle instead of subjecting the patient to disfiguring surgery.

We can guide a breast biopsy using any of three technologies: stereotactic (X-ray), ultrasound and MRI. The type of biopsy that you have will depend on how the suspicious area in your breast can be best visualized, a decision that will be made by the radiologist and your doctor. All biopsies are performed by board-certified radiologists with specialized training, and they are assisted by female radiologic technologists.



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