Innovative Treatment Options Tailored to the Patient

When it comes to pancreatitis and other gastrointestinal conditions, expert evaluation is vital to accurately diagnose the nature of the condition, and then determine the best course of treatment for the individual patient.

At Hoag, our USC-affiliated multidisciplinary team of experts includes academic-level pancreatic surgeons, hepatologists and radiologists who work together to thoroughly review and determine the best treatment option suited to each individual patient.

The Hoag-USC team then carefully tailors a personalized treatment plan to effectively achieve the best possible outcome for the patient. This emphasis on a collaborative, comprehensive approach to patient-centered care is why Hoag patient outcomes rank among the nation’s best.

Treatment of Acute Pancreatitis

Treatment options for acute pancreatitis include: Supportive care including admission to the hospital, intravenous fluids and IV antibiotics in order to ease patient discomfort and aid in recovery while carefully evaluating the patient’s condition. When the pancreas is severe, advanced critical care is necessary for survival. Patients often develop multiple organ failure and require advanced critical care for input for survival.

Treatment of Severe Acute Pancreatitis (Pancreatic Necrosis)

Surgical treatment options for severe acute necrotizing pancreatitis include:

  • Pancreatic Debridement (and drainage of fluid collections) either laparoscopically, percutaneously, or via open drainage. In this surgery all dead or necrotic pancreas and any dead tissue outside of the pancreas is removed. Dead fatty tissue outside of the pancreas occurs in areas around the stomach around the kidneys, and sometimes the dead fat tissue may be found in the lower abdomen.

Treatment of Chronic Pancreatitits

The advanced surgical treatment options for chronic pancreatitis include:

  • Puestow Procedure (lateral pancreaticojejunostomy) is a complex operation in which the pancreatic duct is opened all the way from head to tail. The small intestine is then brought up to the pancreas and is sutured to the pancreatic duct. The pancreatic juice is therefore drained directly into the small intestine. Hoag-USC pancreatic surgeons perform a number of Peustow’s procedures utilizing a minimally invasive laparoscopic approach. Patients who are candidates for a Peustow’s operation include patients with severe pain who are diabetic, have markedly increased pancreatic duct and who have documented abstinence from alcohol abuse.
  • The Whipple Operation may be recommended for select patients with chronic pancreatitis who have documented abnormalities in the head of pancreas. The Hoag-USC surgical team performs a majority of Whipple Operations utilizing a minimally invasive laparoscopic approach.
  • Celiac Plexus Denervation involves injection of a chemical agent into the celiac axis area, which contains sensory nerves that return from the pancreas. Using endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS), physicians essentially ablate (or block) the nerve fibers that transmit pain signals, thereby helping to lessen pain in patients with chronic pancreatitis.

The Most Advanced Treatment Options Are Now Available in Orange County!

When it comes to seeking out the most advanced, academic-level hepatobiliary and pancreatic care, there is no longer any need to travel long distances. The Hoag Digestive Disease Center, in alliance with Keck Medicine of USC, offers the latest in state-of-the-art diagnosis and leading-edge treatment options that may not be readily available at other centers.

In fact, the Hoag-USC surgical team performs more complex pancreatic surgeries than any other surgical program in Southern California. Being a high-volume hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgical program enables the gastrointestinal experts at Hoag to achieve a technical skill level not all facilities can match.

Perhaps the most distinguishing aspect of Hoag’s advanced treatment of hepatobiliary and pancreatic conditions is that in each and every case, treatment is always specifically tailored to the meet the unique needs of the individual patient.

Expert Care You Can Trust!

The Hoag Digestive Disease Center, in alliance with USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, continues to lead the way in complex hepatobiliary and pancreatic care, providing access to a highly specialized surgical team that works collaboratively with Hoag-affiliated gastroenterologists and medical oncology specialists to provide academic-level care. Hoag’s committed to accurate diagnosis, combined with progressive therapeutic options enables Hoag patients to achieve some of the highest clinical outcomes in the nation.

To schedule a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, or a second-opinion consultation with a Hoag pancreatic care expert, visit Meet the Team, or call us at: 949-764-5350.