Research Updates

The Allen Diabetes Center maintains a strong research program that is aimed at improving our understanding of the clinical and psychosocial impact of diabetes on people’s lives. Research projects also involve developing and implementing patient-centered interventions to improve outcomes in the patient population and their caregivers. We collaborate extensively with the department of Community Medicine (Hoag Hospital), multidisciplinary teams from industry and academic institutions. Here are a few of the research studies that we recently completed or are currently underway:

  1. Clinical and psychosocial outcomes in women with gestational diabetes (GDM): This retrospective study involving women with GDM identified interesting demographic and clinical differences between different ethnic origins and has implications for healthcare providers managing patients with GDM.
  2. Assessing diabetes-related risk factors in underserved communities: Community-based projects were conducted to assess diabetes-related risk factors in underserved, high need, primarily Hispanic communities. Results indicated the urgent need to intervene effectively to help individuals reduce their risk for prediabetes and diabetes.
  3. Viviendo Saludable study: This pilot study is currently underway and will assess the feasibility and efficacy of a diabetes prevention program with a special focus on addressing psychosocial needs of these individuals.

If you would like further information about the program, studies undertaken or discuss collaboration opportunities, please contact: Harsimran “Sim” Singh, PhD at [email protected].