Spine Diagnosis and Chronic Back Pain Treatment

Expert Diagnosis is Key!

Comprehensive evaluation with accurate diagnosis is the foundation for achieving highly successful outcomes. That’s why it’s important to seek care from a center that provides a multidisciplinary, specialized team of spine care experts experienced in the accurate diagnosis of back pain and other spine-related conditions.

Beginning with a thorough evaluation that includes a comprehensive physical exam, personal medical history review and state-of-the-art diagnostic workup, Hoag’s multidisciplinary team of board-certified, fellowship trained spine care experts carefully evaluate and pinpoint the source of neck and back pain so the most appropriate and conservative treatment options can be employed.

Hoag’s state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies provide our team with the latest modalities in the accurate diagnosis of spine-related injuries, diseases and other disorders. Some of the progressive imaging studies that may be utilized include MRI, CT and Digital X-Ray.

Experience You Can Trust!

Hoag Neurosurgery Spine Program’s commitment to accurate diagnosis, combined with progressive therapeutic options enables Hoag patients to achieve some of the highest clinical outcomes in the nation.

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