Neurobehavioral Health

Hoag provides a range of services to treat mental and behavioral health conditions affecting adults and teens.

Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers is an accredited program within Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, which is led by a team of highly trained professionals with the knowledge, expertise and compassion to offer treatments that work. Our programs are supervised 24/7 by our on-site staff of medical professionals and specialists, enabling us to offer an unsurpassed level of safe and expert care for our patients.

ASPIRE promotes emotional wellness for teens through education, training and active participation from young people and their families. An acronym for “After-School Program: Interventions and Resiliency Education,” ASPIRE provides a structured, supportive environment to teach teens how to effectively regulate emotion, manage distress, and engage in healthy interpersonal relationships.

Housed within the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living, the Mental Health Center at Hoag has been providing outpatient mental health services to adults since 1998. The Center’s goal is to improve the health and well being of the surrounding underserved community, through the provision of low-cost psychotherapy services intended to improve an individual’s level of happiness, satisfaction and functioning in life.