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Leaders in Multiple Sclerosis Innovation

Hoag Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute's Multiple Sclerosis & Immunology Program, powered by Octave's novel precision care solution, enables innovation and world-class MS care, accelerating the time to productive therapy, improved quality of life and better outcomes.

Turning subjective assessment into objective knowledge through three dimensions.

Advanced Precision Care Solution

MS-Specific Blood Test

Powered by Octave, we offer the only multivariate biomarker blood test designed for MS to enable effective monitoring of your disease activity and more personalized treatment.

Enhanced Imaging

Octave’s precision care solution optimizes MS-specific MRI protocols to ensure the highest standards of quality and enhance your care plan with more informed decisions.

Clinical Insights

The precision care solution enhances clinical communication between office visits to optimize patient care. 

Meet Our Specialists

About Hoag’s Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute

Hoag’s Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute is dedicated to helping patients throughout their MS disease journey. Our comprehensive and integrated, multidisciplinary approach to patient care, coupled with our expertise in neuroimmunology, lessens the burden of the disease on patients so that they can maintain the best quality of life. We’ve assembled the best MS specialists and most advanced technologies in neurological care to address disorders of the brain, nerves and spine by using evidence-based clinical care, state of the art technology, advanced clinical research, therapeutics and more.

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Hoag Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute

Webinars - World-Class Advancements in MS Care Solutions

With much of MS remaining a mystery, our team is committed to finding the best evidence-based practices, clinical research and leading technologies before, during, and after treatment.