A new diagnosis may often leave patients asking, “Where do I go from here?” At Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, we provide answers and much more through experienced clinical navigators. Hoag’s clinical navigators provide assistance to patients and their families, to help them access and then chart a course through the health care system.

Clinical support

  • Improves patient access to care by navigating through heath care barriers
  • Provides quicker access to diagnostic testing
  • Once diagnosed, reviews disease/condition and discusses treatment options with patient
  • Provides guidance on selecting a specialty physician or surgeon, if needed
  • Aids patients in scheduling surgery or making pre- and post-treatment appointments
  • Assesses complex psychosocial needs, including emotional and situational support of the patient and their family, and appropriately coordinates resources
  • Uses evidence-based best practices in the care and management of patients through research dissemination
  • Visits patient while in hospital/recovery, follows up after discharge if needed and may follow the patient in support groups for many years to come


  • Assists patients and their family in understanding the diagnosis, treatment options, and resources available using evidence-based guidelines
  • May provide community education to aid in prevention diagnosis and early treatment
  • Designs and evaluates innovative educational programs and tools for patients, families and groups
  • In collaboration with physicians, improves prevention and early detection efforts by participating in community education forums and screenings
  • Educates eligible patients about appropriate clinical research studies

Hoag Neurosciences Navigators

To contact one of the Hoag Neurosciences Navigators listed below, please call Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at 949-764-6066.