Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Hoag Headache Program?

Hoag’s Headache Program is an insurance-driven program. Yet, some aspects of the program may not be covered by insurance, such as acupuncture or cognitive behavioral therapy. It is the patient’s responsibility to contact their insurance provider to understand coverage.

How do I access the Hoag Headache Program?

To schedule an appointment with one of our headache and facial pain specialists, please call us at 949-764-6066.

What about long term follow up?

The Hoag Headache Program may take approximately four weeks, depending on specialist’s schedules. Rarely, if ever, is there a “cure” for headache. Long-term follow up is necessary in most cases.

Is inpatient hospitalization required?

Some patients will develop a phenomena of analgesic rebound headache. The overuse of medication leads to a self-perpetuating cycle. Under these circumstances, admission to the hospital may be necessary to break this vicious cycle.

Will I require all components of this program?

Not necessarily. The program can be tailored based on the patient’s needs, allowing the patient to utilize existing counselors, therapists, and other specialists.

What is the value of a multidisciplinary team approach to headache care?

Chronic headaches and facial pain are not just treated with medication, but rather a full range of therapies. The Hoag Headache Program offers an integrated approach to caring for patients with headache pain by joining specialists from the medical, psychological, social and physical disciplines together, to better care for all aspects of the patient.

What kind of headaches does this program treat?

Every kind of headache and facial pain. The vast majority of headaches are secondary to migraine, but other structures may give rise to headache and facial pain.The program particularly adapts to the patients with long standing headache and facial pain who have exhausted all other treatment options.

What age of patient does the program accept?

All ages are accepted at Hoag’s Headache Program, including children. Headache is no respecter of age, from young to old, this condition may cover a lifespan.

What are the various treatment options?

There are pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to treating headache and facial pain. Pharmacological therapies include preventive medications, as well as rescue medications during the onset of headaches. Non-pharmacological therapies include physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and biofeedback therapy. Botox therapy is another treatment option for headache. It is important to select a physician who is trained in botox therapy to relieve headache. Hoag’s Headache Program includes physicians specialized in the treatment of headache using botox.

Will the program guarantee freedom from chronic headache?

Chronic headache is a chronic disorder. The goal the Hoag Headache Program is to reduce frequency and intensity of the headache pain and to improve quality of life in the patient.