Innovative Treatment Options

Treatment for vascular disease varies according to the type and severity of the vascular disorder. As a recognized leader in state-of-the-art vascular disease management, Hoag’s multidisciplinary team of cardiovascular experts provides the most advanced vascular disease treatment options available with clinical outcomes that rival national figures.

At Hoag, conventional vascular surgical techniques are being replaced by an expanding set of non-surgical, endovascular procedures and hybrid techniques, made possible by rapidly advancing technology. Hoag continues to lead the way in minimally-invasive endovascular therapies that consist primarily of state-of-the-art catheter-based procedures and percutaneous stent procedures.

In addition, Hoag is the first in Orange County to provide ground-breaking hybrid techniques. The hybrid approach combines non-surgical treatment with minimally invasive surgical procedures providing excellent patient outcomes for a greater number of patients.

These revolutionary hybrid techniques are being performed in Hoag’s new Hybrid Cardiovascular Surgical Suite​. This innovative surgical suite is the first of its kind in Orange County and combines the best elements of an operating room with the state-of-the-art imaging technology necessary for interventional cardiovascular procedures.

New at Hoag! PAD Exercise Walking Program

Do your legs hurt or become cramped while walking? When you stop to rest does the pain go away, but return when you start to move again?

What is Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)?

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a narrowing of the peripheral arteries to different parts of the body. It is most commonly used to describe the narrowing of the arteries of the legs. When left untreated, PAD could lead to poor quality of life, limb loss, or death.

Who Is At Risk for PAD?

PAD is a commonly under-diagnosed condition seen in about 20% of seniors over 65, and it’s very common in diabetics and smokers irrespective of their age. The majority of PAD patients are asymptomatic. When symptoms do occur, they are usually non-specific but most commonly described as leg pain with walking (claudication).

How Can a PAD Supervised Exercise Walking Program Help?

Evidence-based medicine has shown that this program is a very effective form of therapy. A supervised exercise walking program provides patients with a conservative approach to treating their PAD. A PAD walking exercise program can increase the pain-free walking distance and improve quality of life and prevent the need for an invasive procedure.

Sign Up for the Walking Program

Hoag is the first and only hospital in Orange County to offer a PAD Supervised Walking Exercise Program. We care about our community and wish to provide the best treatment options available.

If you are concerned about PAD, or have been diagnosed with PAD, contact us for more information about Hoag’s PAD Exercise Walking Program. Feel free to call us at 949-764-5594.

Experience You Can Trust

Hoag’s cardiovascular surgeons are among the highest-volume surgeons in Southern California. They are both highly experienced and highly skilled in the latest techniques and procedures, as well as dedicated to providing the most advanced patient-centered care