Pharmacogenetics is an application of precision medicine that can be used to predict how an individual will respond to a drug based on his or her genetics. Every drug does not work for every patient, and some patients have adverse reactions to certain drugs. The use of pharmacogenetics allows clinicians to understand how a patient metabolizes drugs in order to prescribe the right medication at the right dose.

Hoag Pharmacogenetics Pilot Study

Pharmacogenetics is an emerging application within the field of Precision Medicine. Hoag Family Cancer Institute is bringing this new advancement to patients through a pilot study that incorporates pharmacogenetics into cancer treatment. Patients enrolled in the study provide a buccal swab, or saliva sample, to collect their DNA. The sample is then sent to a laboratory for genetic testing and analysis of the patient’s DNA in relation to pharmacologic compounds to understand how the patient metabolizes and responds to drugs. Doctors can then apply this information when selecting anti-cancer drugs so that the patient is prescribed a drug at the right dose that will produce the best response. The approach minimizes unwanted side effects and hospital visits due to adverse drug reactions.

How to Access Personalized Therapies at Hoag

Hoag Family Cancer Institute continually works to provide the very best care for our patients. Hoag's Precision Medicine Program and its team of highly-regarded industry experts are a testament to that. No other hospital in Orange County provides this level of personalized cancer care.

The first step is to speak with your physician about this offering through Hoag. Your oncologist, or referring physician, will work directly with Hoag's Precision Medicine Program team to review your case and discuss next steps.

Hoag Family Cancer Institute feels privileged to be your partner in beating your cancer, together.