Glossary of Terms

DNA – A long chain of molecules that makes up the genetic code that determines the characteristics of all living.

Gene – Genes are made up of DNA and act as instructions for how cells function.

RNA –translates genetic information from DNA into proteins.

Proteins –are molecules composed of amino acids that allow the body to function properly.

Chromosome– A collection of genes. Every human has 23 chromosomes.

Genome – The complete set of (human) genes.

Genetics –refer to the inheritable differences in the DNA sequence within families.

Cancer Genomics – refers to how the DNA sequences in a cell cause cancer.

Cancer Biomarker – A molecule, gene, or protein found in blood or tissue that affect the behavior of cancer cells and how they might respond to treatment.

Gene Mutation – A change or defect in all or part of a gene. Gene mutations are the basis of many cancers.

Germline Mutation – A genetic mutation that is inherited. Also known as a hereditary mutation.

Tumor Profiling – A genomic analysis of a tumor using a DNA sequencing machine.