Second Opinions & Multidisciplinary Clinic

If you have head or neck cancer and wish to have your case reviewed for a second opinion by Hoag’s comprehensive team, please contact us at 949-764-5542. Your call will be directed to Hoag’s Head & Neck Cancer Nurse Navigator, who works closely with Hoag’s Head & Neck Tumor Board and clinical team, who will help facilitate this review. We will collaborate with your physician to ensure the best possible course of treatment.

The complexity of head and neck cancer requires the input from various experts skilled in different medical specialties. At Hoag, we are unique in offering a multidisciplinary clinic where specialists come together to offer patients the opportunity to be seen in a timely manner. Patients enrolled in the clinic would be seen by each specialist individually, then have their case reviewed at a multidisciplinary case conference, followed by a meeting with all their physicians to discuss a comprehensive treatment plan. The team also includes a dedicated clinical nurse navigator there to provide support and education. Learn more by calling 949-764-5542.