Support and Resources

At Hoag, we offer a variety of support services led by a caring clinical and social work team.

Thyroid Cancer Nurse Navigator –
Ann Marie Williams, B.S.N., R.N., O.C.N.
Gastrointestinal Cancer Nurse Navigator –
Diane Eadie, R.N., B.S.N.

Clinical nurse navigators are a unique asset to Hoag. They serve as a guide for patients, answering questions and providing support through each phase of treatment. Nurse Navigators provide:

  • Emotional support and guidance for the newly diagnosed cancer patient and family
  • Education for patients and family members about cancer
  • Information about community resources and Hoag support services
  • Help in coordinating the patient’s multidisciplinary care plan
  • Assistance in navigating the healthcare system during and after treatment

Cancer Support Services

Cancer Support Services offers a variety of classes to support and educate patients during and after cancer. These classes and workshops are all free of charge.

  • One-On-One Counseling with an oncology social worker
  • Fitter Image Exercise Programs, including yoga, pilates and energizing cardio and toning
  • Workshops for Well-Being, including free flow writing, meditation, reiki and creative art classes

Other Support Programs/Teams include:

  • Oncology Dietitians - Hoag Family Cancer Institute provides two dedicated Registered Dietitians who are available to advise patients on nutrition and provide resources for a healthier diet before, during and after cancer treatment.
  • Hereditary Cancer Program - Hoag offers both genetic counseling and genetic testing for individuals concerned about hereditary cancer.
  • Pastoral Care - provides spiritual support & counseling services to patients, families, and the community.
  • CARES Program - For patients experiencing high pain or symptom burden during treatment, the Hoag CARES Team can help. Board-certified Palliative Care physicians, nurses and social workers are available to help manage physical and emotional symptoms alongside your cancer care team.