Fighting against endometrial (uterine) cancer

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Robotic surgery is also utilized in the fight against cancer – as was the case for Gloria Medlin, a devoted mother, grandmother and energetic Irvine resident. During her annual well-woman check-up, Gloria discussed with her physician that she had been having post-menopausal spotting.

She was referred to a gynecologist who performed a biopsy, which determined Gloria had endometrial cancer. Gloria was then referred to Gynecologic Oncologist Lisa Abaid, M.D., who discussed treatment options with her, including the latest in minimally invasive techniques – robotic-assisted hysterectomy. “Robotic hysterectomy is a superior treatment option for endometrial cancer,” explains Dr. Abaid. “Unlike traditional surgery, robotic-assisted hysterectomy allows surgeons to make smaller incisions while still performing a full cancer staging operation, including removal of the uterus, ovaries, and lymph nodes, and allows patients to experience a speedier, less painful recovery.”

As an active mother and grandmother, Gloria wanted to return to her normal activities as soon as possible following surgery. “I was amazed by how easy the surgery, and especially the recovery, was,” exclaims Gloria. In fact, she experienced no post-operative pain, took no pain medicine and was back on her feet just two days following surgery. “I had to hold myself back and take it easy considering I just had a substantial procedure, yet I felt outstanding,” continues Gloria.

Today, Gloria is back to her daily activities, including watching her grandchildren and walking Woodbridge lake with her friend. “I am so appreciative that I am now cancer free. I would not have chosen any other option when it came to my surgery.”