Fibroids Eliminated Through Robotic-Assisted Surgery

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Cathy Nishimoto has been a long time patient of Obstetrician/Gynecologist Jonathan Wheeler, M.D. “He is one of the best there is in his field and at what he does,” shares Cathy. “He is detail-oriented, extremely thorough and takes into account the big picture. He always has time for questions and shows appropriate concern for his patients.

Years ago, Dr. Wheeler found that Cathy had uterine fibroids – noncancerous growths in the uterus. Often, such as the case for Cathy, fibroids cause no symptoms and seldom require treatment. Since Cathy’s fibroids caused no pain or discomfort, Dr. Wheeler decided to just keep them under a close watch, evaluating any progress during her annual check-up.

After many years of living peacefully with her fibroids, Cathy began experiencing major cramping and discomfort, which Dr. Wheeler attributed to her fibroids. At this point, she decided to have them removed.

Following a thorough consultation with Dr. Wheeler, they determined the best treatment method was surgery, and more specifically, minimally-invasive robotic surgery. This was an easy decision for Cathy.

“My good friend had robotic-assisted surgery with Dr. Wheeler,” shares Cathy. “Following her surgery, I was amazed at how quickly she returned to her normal activities, and how little pain she experienced. After seeing her smooth recovery, I knew this was the best treatment option for me as well.”

Cathy had robotic surgery on a Friday morning, and went home that same day as an outpatient. By Sunday, she was back on her feet, moving around her home with ease.

“I had very little pain, and was allowed to begin exercising again just two weeks following my surgery!” continues Cathy.

Through the advance technology of the da Vinci® robot, Cathy had only four small incisions, which meant less blood loss during surgery and a quicker recovery time.