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Donor Spotlight

Categories: Diabetes Center

The mission of Hoag’sMary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center is to make a difference by improving the quality of life for all people living with diabetes or at risk of diabetes, through prevention, early detection, prompt care, education and support. The Allen Diabetes Center provides comprehensive services for adults and children with diabetes, including educational and support services designed specifically to meet the needs of patients with diabetes and their families.

Hoag has a long and robust partnership with the private community. In fact, it’s because members of the community have invested in Hoag that it has grown into a trusted, nationally recognized healthcare leader. Countless patients and their families, physicians, nurses and staff have been touched by the kindness of our donors. Philanthropy has helped Hoag create programs, recruit staff, acquire technology and open or upgrade facilities - all things that would not have been possible without the generosity of our community.

Below are highlights of a few recent examples of donor-supported initiatives at the Allen Diabetes Center:

Ueberroth Family Program for Women and Diabetes administered through the Allen Diabetes Center, “Sweet Success” is a state-affiliated program designed to identify women with diabetes, who are planning to become pregnant, and normalize their blood sugars before pregnancy. Once pregnant, the program teaches women who develop gestational diabetes, as well as those who enter pregnancy with diabetes, to tightly control their blood sugars throughout the pregnancy to help ensure a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. The Ueberroth Program for Women and Diabetes, funded through a generous grant from the Ueberroth Family Foundation, allows the Allen Diabetes Center to expand the Sweet Success program further into the community to ensure that all women, regardless of their financial circumstances, have access to world-class diabetes care before, during and after pregnancy.

Herbert Family Program for Young Adults officially launched in August, 2010, the Herbert Family Program for Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes, made possible by a generous gift from Lauri (Herbert) Delson, focuses on meeting the unique needs of young adults, ages 18 through their 30s, with type 1 diabetes. The program addresses the financial, psychological, social and physical changes that challenge not only the young adult, but also their entire family and support system.

Margaret & Tom Larkin Pediatric Endowment Fund allows children to be seen at the Allen Diabetes Center. Prior to the opening of the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center in June of 2009, children with diabetes in Hoag’s service area often waited up to four months to see a pediatric endocrinologist. Today the CHOC Children’s Clinic at the Allen Diabetes Center offers same-day appointments, close relationships with staff and much shorter drive times for families. Thoughtfully designed with easy access to the kitchen and exercise room, the CHOC Children’s Clinic has greatly expanded its care of children with, and at risk for, diabetes.

Because of historically low rates of reimbursement for diabetes care and the policy of the Allen Diabetes Center to treat patients regardless of their ability to pay, the Allen Diabetes Center’s activities are largely supported by philanthropy.

The following are a few of the Allen Diabetes Center priorities:

  • Education Initiatives for a diverse community Diabetes Fellowship
  • Allen Diabetes Center Endowment
  • Pediatric and Young Adult Fund
  • Diabetes and Women's Health Fund
  • Diabetes and Eye Health and Education Fund
  • Outreach and Preventative Program

It is because of the generosity and support of the community that the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center is able to provide comprehensive services for those with, or at risk for diabetes regardless of their ability to pay.If you would like to make a donation or pledge, you may donate now or contact:

Stacy Hunt
Director of Development
Hoag Hospital Foundation
[email protected]