Best in Class For Gastrointestinal Right in Your Neighborhood


Hoag Brings Unmatched GI Care to Your Community

Hoag Digestive Health Institute has brought some of the most highly skilled, compassionate clinicians to your neighborhood. The highest-volume provider of gastrointestinal (GI) services in Orange County, Hoag is ranked in the top 3% in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for its holistic approach to GI care.

Our specialists include leading board-certified gastroenterologists, gastroenterology surgeons, specialists in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), liver and advanced endoscopy, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. Their expertise is supported by services including registered dietitians and nurse navigators, as well as state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic capabilities.

The cutting-edge Endoscopy Centers and Advanced GI lab, in connection with Hoag Hospital Irvine, offers simple to complex care, and provides advanced endoscopic approaches and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Taken together, the innovative treatments, clinical trials and medical excellence available at Hoag rival the most prestigious academic centers in the country.

“The dedication Hoag has to gastrointestinal services is evident in the quality of care we deliver,” said gastroenterologist Paul S. Lee, M.D. “Hoag ensures we have the most advanced equipment and technology in our patient-centered facilities, along with leading physicians and subspecialists.”

Those leading physicians include Dr. Lee, chair of the department of gastroenterology; Caroline Hwang, M.D., director of the Margolis Family Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program; Tse-Ling Fong, M.D., director of Hoag Liver Program; GI surgeon Rick Selby, M.D., director of the Hoag Pancreas and Hepatobiliary Cancer Program; GI surgeon John Lipham, M.D., director of the Hoag Foregut Cancer Program; and Phuong Nguyen, M.D., director of Hoag Advanced Endoscopy Center.

Specialists at the Digestive Health Institute work closely with colleagues throughout the hospital to provide a collaborative, team-based approach to care. They conference regularly about their cases and seek the best treatment options possible, across all disease types: colorectal disease, liver disease, pancreas and hepatobiliary disease, esophageal and stomach conditions, and IBD.

Hoag is at the forefront of innovation, adopting advanced non-surgical approaches for patients who may face complications with surgery due to comorbidities. The hospital has also launched multiple clinical trials, as part of its IBD program, the only such program of its kind in Orange County.

“Hoag has demonstrated a commitment to bring the positive aspects of an academic IBD program – cutting-edge research, comprehensive care and clinical trials of promising therapies – to the community where patients can access them conveniently,” said Dr. Hwang, who is board-certified in gastroenterology and a recognized expert in the field of IBD. “The key for these patients is having a team committed to their comprehensive care.”

Hoag’s unique liver program similarly leverages the best of academic institutions with the compassion and patient-centered approach of a community hospital.

“Our program channels our collective knowledge and experience about liver disease in one place, led by a team of specialists all focused on liver disease,” said Tse-Ling Fong, M.D., board-certified hepatologist. “It is the most comprehensive, seamless care program for liver patients in Orange County – there is nothing else like it.”

First image: Hoag Digestive Health Institute’s gastroenterologists from left to right: Paul Lee, M.D.,  Caroline Hwang, M.D.,  Phuong Nguyen, M.D. and Tse-Ling Fong, M.D. These gastroenterologists work closely with Hoag’s GI surgeons (pictured below to provide comprehensive care.

Second Image: Hoag’s GI surgeons John Lipham, M.D., and Rick Selby, M.D., work collaboratively with Hoag Digestive Health Institute’s gastroenterologists to provide a team-based approach to patient care.