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Premier Sports Medicine Near You

Orange County has always been a mecca for sports, but with the impact COVID-19 had on pausing sports in California this past year, it’s become increasingly important that individuals and athletes seek care of a medical professional before returning to play or increasing their activity level in order to avoid injury.

Hoag and Hoag Orthopedic Institute’s (HOI) specialty trained sports medicine doctors have been treating Southern California athletes for more than 25 years.

Hoag is pleased to welcome Jeremiah Ray, M.D. to the Hoag Sports Medicine Program. Dr. Ray has over 10 years of experience treating elite athletes in Northern California and most recently as head team physician and the director of intercollegiate athletic sports medicine at UC Davis. “This is a great time to be a sports medicine physician. There is so much we can do for our patients using state-of-the-art sports medicine treatments.” Practicing at Hoag Health Center Foothill Ranch, Dr. Ray, working along with sports medicine physician, Gabriel Carpio-Bracho,M.D., will offer patients a comprehensive program including nutrition counseling, health coaching, physical therapy, imaging and related services all located all under one roof.   

Hoag offers sports medicine services throughout Orange County with offices in Foothill Ranch, Tustin, Newport Coast and Huntington Beach.

“In my practice, I enjoy treating athletes of all types. If it is the new mom trying to lose baby weight, a high school soccer star or a senior doing their daily walks – I see them all and enjoy the variety of my practice,” said Dr. Carpio-Brachi.

With both Hoag and HOI’s experienced staff, we’re able to offer a truly comprehensive sports medicine program to the community.

HOI has more than 20 orthopedic doctors and surgeons who are fellowship trained to treat athletes of all ages and levels. Recently, premier sports medicine surgeon David Gazzaniga, M.D., head team doctor for the Los Angeles Chargers NFL team, was named the inaugural division chief of sports medicine at HOI.

“I’m excited to create a world class sports medicine program built on a strong foundation of truly amazing physicians,” shared Dr. Gazzaniga, who has also served as the head team physician for other professional and Olympic sports teams.

Hoag and HOI’s Sports Medicine Program aims to improve access to care and provide the latest advancements in sports medicine for athletes of all abilities, shapes and sizes in Orange County and beyond. Through our commitment for caring for athletes and the community at large, the program is dedicated to conduct research, train athletes, identify problems, provide education, and prevent injuries.

With sports well underway over the past several months, Dr. Gazzaniga reminds parents and athletes about the importance of increasing activity gradually to avoid injury if they’ve had a prolonged period of inactivity.

“I encourage appropriate preparation and conditioning for athletes before they return to the game in full force,” said Dr. Gazzaniga. “This needs to entail all aspects of training including the physical and mental.”

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