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Ask the Doctor – Travis Scudday, M.D.

Q: What are the latest advancements in hip replacements?

A: Hip replacement surgery is long considered the gold standard treatment for severe arthritis. After patients have exhausted minimally invasive treatment options, and x-rays have confirmed the deterioration of the hip joint, a joint replacement procedure can be performed as an inpatient or same-day surgery at HOI and, soon, at our ambulatory surgery centers.

At Hoag Orthopedic Institute, we have been performing an increasing amount of outpatient or same-day hip replacements, due in large part to the research and work by our dedicated orthopedic care team. We have built the necessary protocols to ensure quality and safety in the outpatient setting. . Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, patients have increasingly indicated their desire to recover at home, and due to the standards HOI has implemented, many are able to do so as safely as they would in an inpatient setting. One benefit of having hip replacement surgery at a dedicated orthopedic specialty hospital is that patients have an exceedingly low risk of infection and/or COVID exposure, due to the rigorous safety measures and testing protocols in place.

We’ve also been using computer aided technology to create a model of the patient’s pelvis (who has previously had back surgery) enabling us to optimize the socket angle which gives these patients the highest range of motion. Early data indicates positive outcomes; these patients are experiencing fewer dislocations after surgery.