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Ask the Doctor – Dr. Antonio Castaneda, M.D.

Q: What is unique about Gynecologic Oncology at Hoag?

A: When I was in medical school, I discovered my passion for gynecologic oncology. As a gynecologic oncologist, you have the privilege to be your patient’s provider and champion throughout the entire process, from diagnosis to completion of therapy, providing both chemotherapy and surgery. It is a unique role we play as gynecologic oncologists. But not all hospitals operate this way, despite studies showing how this improves patient outcomes. This alone made my choice to join Hoag an easy one.

My family and I are from the Southern California area, so returning home was very important to me. Unfortunately, many gynecologic oncologists in non-academic centers only perform surgery, and utilize a separate team of physicians to provide chemotherapy. One of the benefits of providing the chemotherapy treatment plan as a gynecologic oncologist is that we not only went through several years of training dedicated to the treatment of gynecologic malignancies, but we are also present at the initial surgery and can tailor the chemotherapy regimen specifically to our patients need.

At Hoag, the dedicated gynecologic oncology team provides total care, from gold standard chemotherapy, immunotherapy and novel clinical trials not available at most institutions, to minimally invasive surgery, utilizing the very latest in robotic-assisted surgical techniques. Hoag’s Gynecologic Oncology Program is a leader in robotic surgical volumes and outcomes.

Hoag has the most advanced technologies available to completely support our gynecologic oncology patients, including a newly renovated, dedicated infusion center, so that care can be centralized and convenient for our patients.

There are too many reasons to list why I chose to join Hoag. However, Hoag stands apart as a leader in gynecologic oncology and is a true advocate for providing the most advanced therapies for the benefits of our patients. I am proud to have joined such a prestigious organization.