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3 Unexpected Tips for Expecting Mothers


You know the basics: Avoid alcohol. Get plenty of water and lots of rest. But what about the less-than-obvious tips to a healthy pregnancy?

Ranked among the nation’s best for maternity care, Hoag welcomes more babies into the world than any other hospital in Orange County. So, we asked our maternal medicine specialists for a few unexpected things to keep in mind when you’re expecting:

Maintain Flexibility. Prenatal yoga keeps you flexible. What keeps your provider flexible? Finding a team that will honor your birth plan is essential. Equally important is knowing that your team can pivot, should an emergency arise. Hoag’s maternity services in Newport Beach and Irvine combine a family-centered design and home-like amenities with the reassurance and safety of a Hoag delivery. Should an emergency arise, Hoag’s state-of-the-art operating room and neonatal intensive care unit are equipped to care for you and your baby. This combines the best of both worlds: a warm, nurturing environment with access to the most advanced medical care, should you need it.

Your Post-Pregnancy Health Starts Today. From Maternal Mental Health to Pelvic Floor Health, post-pregnancy care begins today. Working collaboratively with your obstetrician, Hoag’s pelvic floor specialists, maternal mental health specialists, and registered dieticians focus on you, while you focus on your growing baby. Preparing your body and mind today improves your postpartum recovery – so, you can better enjoy motherhood with more strength, energy and confidence.

Embrace Technology.  Hoag has partnered with BehaVR to create the first virtual reality (VR) platform for expecting women and new mothers. NurtureVR combines prenatal care, parenting classes, pain and stress management and postpartum support all in a single headset. This helps women visualize their growing babies and connect them with their babies, all while providing a non-medication response to maternal anxiety and depression. Tech helps after birth, too, with apps and digital platforms to address 24/7 questions about lactation, maternal mental health and pediatric care.

Hoag is excited to offer this variety of services to better meet the needs of our birthing community. To learn more about Hoag’s maternity services, visit