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How a Cancer Diagnosis Impacts Families

The shock of a cancer diagnosis highlights the unpredictable nature of health and how we’re all susceptible to life’s trials and turbulences. Even at a younger age.

Kate Middleton’s recent cancer diagnosis is another reminder of how precious life is. She described the past two months as “incredibly tough for our entire family.”

Cancer diagnoses can deeply affect not only the individual, but also their loved ones.

That’s where Hoag’s clinical nurse navigators step in.

“Navigating a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming for both patients and their families. Our team of knowledgeable clinical nurse navigators are here to guide them through the cancer journey and take away some of the burden,” said Diane Eadie, RN, BSN, clinical nurse navigator for hepatobiliary and colorectal cancers. “We’re able to bridge the gap between the patient and their care team by answering questions, providing suggestions and insights, and by connecting them with further resources and support.”

The navigator serves an important role as facilitator and guide for patients, answering questions and providing support through each phase of treatment.

Along with Hoag’s clinical nurse navigation team, Diane shared some of the other resources available to patients at Hoag.

  • Support Groups: Hoag’s complimentary support groups provide mutual support and information for cancer patients and their families. Groups are facilitated by licensed clinical social workers and oncology nurses, and discussion is focused on current issues faced by cancer patients and their support network. For the full list of support groups, visit
  • Comprehensive Care Team: Our world-class teams of top-ranked oncologists, surgeons, scientists, nurse navigators, radiation oncologists, pathologists, therapists, pharmacists, social workers, rehabilitation therapists and more work shoulder to shoulder to provide comprehensive, coordinated care, ensuring that patients and their families feel supported along the way.

In Kate Middleton’s announcement, she offered hope to others experiencing cancer. “You are not alone,” she shared and at Hoag, we operate by that philosophy. No one should face cancer alone and Hoag wraps itself around every patient with an all-inclusive offering of care and support.

To learn more about our clinical nurse navigators and resources available at the Hoag Family Cancer Institute, visit