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Hoag Programs

Hoag Programs focus on meeting the unique needs of Orange County residents with particular emphasis upon the disadvantaged and underserved. Hoag’s mission is to be a proactive participant in providing and partnering with other likeminded organizations to meet the ever-increasing needs of the Orange County community. These programs include:

Health Ministries Program

Established in 1987, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian has supported an expansive Health Ministries Program throughout Orange County. This spiritually-based wellness program is open to all faith traditions and is administered by the Faith Community Nurse (FCN). The purpose of the program is to support the mental, physical and spiritual health needs of those being served. Each FCN develops educational programs and interventions specific to the unique needs of their congregation as they seek a health affirming balance between the mind, body and spirit. Visit us to learn more about Hoag's Health Ministries Program.

The Mental Health Center

Outpatient Mental Health services have been provided by the department of Community Health since 1998, with the goal of contributing to the improved health and well-being of our local community. The purpose of the Mental Health program is to improve an individual’s level of happiness, level of satisfaction and functioning in life.

The Mental Health Center provides psychotherapy for those who are low income and uninsured or underinsured. Services are provided in individual, family, couple or group format. Learn more about The Mental Health Center.