The Look of a Leader: Skin Care

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Our skin cancer screen is one of a handful of cancer screens in all Hoag Executive Health programs. As we are located in Southern California, skin cancer is prevalent in our minds and we are thrilled to have added a physician to our team, Dr. Kory Tuominen, who is an expert in skin care and founded a skin medical spa in 2006.

We encourage a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle to take pressure away from executives coming through our program. The following are important highlights from current research.

Sun Screen

  • 2010 study found reduced melanoma incidence by 50-75%, the deadliest form of skin cancer, when participants regularly applied sunscreen
  • Sun screen slows aging at any age
  • UVA rays, those most responsible for skin damage and cancer risk, can penetrate glass and will cause damage through the windows of airplanes and cars; sunscreen should be used if have consistent exposure while traveling for business
Proper Application
We encourage the American Academy of Dermatology adage:
Prevent. Seek shade, cover up, and wear sunscreen.
Detect. Look for new or changing spots on your skin.
Live. See a physician if you spot anything changing, itching, or bleeding.

By Kory Tuominen, M.D.
Kyla Bauer, Exercise Physiologist
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