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Partnership is at the Heart of Our Care

February is Heart Awareness Month. This year resolve to keep your heart health a priority.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, with one in every three deaths attributed to heart disease and stroke. While some factors are out of your control (family history, gender and age), the power to protect your heart is largely in your hands. This year, commit to lifestyle changes, visiting with your physician or Hoag for a heart healthy screening.

Hoag Heart Month Activities

2018 Disease Focus: Cardiac Arrhythmia

A cardiac arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat caused by an abnormal sequence of electrical impulses in your heart. These electrical impulses can beat too fast, slow or erratically, causing the heart to beat too fast, slow or erratically. When the heart does not beat correctly, it can cause poor blood flow and affect or damage major organs, including the brain and lungs.

While cardiac arrhythmias are common, they continue to be underdiagnosed and undertreated. Some may experience symptoms, such as dizziness and palpitations, while other symptoms may go unnoticed and could result in sudden cardiac death.

Prevention is key, and during Heart Awareness Month, Hoag wishes to focus on this disease to educate the community.