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Expert Medical Team

Hoag’s expert medical team is just one of the many reasons why patients diagnosed at Hoag remain at Hoag for treatment. Our multidisciplinary team of board-certified urologists, urologic cancer surgeons, robotic surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists and medical oncologists work together to determine the best course of treatment for each individual patient.

From minimally invasive surgical options, to the latest in radiation therapy and systemic therapy, Hoag’s comprehensive approach to prostate cancer has resulted in outstanding survival rates.

As part of Hoag’s multidisciplinary approach, the urologic cancer team conducts cancer case conferences where experts from all disciplines gather together to review cases from every angle to ensure the latest knowledge in cancer treatment is applied.

Additionally, Hoag’s expert medical staff is complemented by its highly trained team of oncology nurses. Dedicated to delivering patient-centered care, Hoag’s nursing staff ranks among the nation’s top nurses, as validated by Hoag’s designation as a Magnet hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

To speak with Urologic Cancer Clinical Nurse Navigator, Sandy Pollet, R.N., please call 949-764-1804.


Obtaining your cancer care from a medical team that treats a high volume of patients with your specific cancer type has its advantages – namely, successful patient outcomes.

Studies show that physicians who treat large numbers of patients with a specific disease achieve better patient outcomes. Hoag urologic surgeons treat and manage more prostate cancer patients than any other facility in Orange County.

Hoag’s expert medical team and higher than national figure survival rates are just two reasons why the majority of patients diagnosed at Hoag remain at Hoag for treatment. The superior care provided to Hoag prostate cancer patients is most clearly illustrated by the 100 percent relative five-year survival rate.

Program Director

Radiation Oncologists

The radiation oncologist is a physician with specific training in radiation oncology. At Hoag, all of our radiation oncologists are board certified by the American Board of Radiology. They meet with patients in consultation to discuss the role of radiation therapy as part of a patient’s treatment plan. Visit Hoag Radiation Oncology for details about Hoag’s radiation oncology team and services.