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Precision Medicine for Lung Cancer

Killing cancer with chemotherapy is a rapidly changing treatment. Using genomic profiling, or precision medicine, Hoag Lung Cancer Program is able to provide further targeted approaches to lung cancer care, testing lung tumors through the nationally recognized laboratories to determine the most effective treatment option for each individual patient.

As the name implies, precision medicine works by honing in on the precise molecular mutations that create cancerous tumors. All tumors have molecular mutations in their DNA. By testing the molecular profile of the tumor cells, doctors can discover what mutations a particular tumor has and tailor a treatment specifically to that mutation.

Through this program, all lung cancer patients will receive a lung tumor biopsy that will help direct their course of treatment.

Through partnerships with different laboratories, Hoag is able to compare tumor cell data with leading cancer centers at major academic research facilities across the United States, giving our patients access to the most advanced clinical trials and treatment options available today.

This means that patients will know exactly what is causing their tumor and will have access to the precise treatment to fight it – even if that treatment is still being developed.

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