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Hoag Spine Center First to Offer EOSedge™ for Spine Imaging

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (May 24, 2023) – Hoag Spine Center has become the first in Orange County to adopt the EOSedge System, a cutting-edge technology that combines multiple imaging techniques to better diagnose and treat back pain in adults.

The EOS imaging technology combines X-ray, low dose radiation modulation, and an innovative open cabin design to capture high resolution images, allowing physicians to make well-informed diagnoses and develop personalized treatment plans. The investment in this technology underscores Hoag Spine Center’s dedication to understanding and treating the root cause of patients’ conditions.

“Because spine issues can result in shoulder, hip and knee discomfort, being able to see the entire skeleton and the pain points created by the spinal alignment helps patients better understand their pain and allows physicians to pinpoint underlying problems in a more timely fashion,” said Burak Ozgur, M.D., director of Hoag’s Spine Center. “The EOSedge is a remarkable advancement in musculoskeletal imaging, and we are thrilled to have this technology available to our patients.”

EOSedge incorporates new Flex Dose™ technology to modulate radiation dose along the patient’s body. This technology expands on EOS imaging’s low dose and Micro Dose technologies that offer reduced radiation exposure to minimize long-term impact. In addition, the EOSedge system’s photon counting detection technology delivers high resolution X-ray images to diagnose and evaluate musculoskeletal conditions. It’s the first X-ray based system to incorporate this type of technology.

The EOSedge system’s open cabin design, which includes a motorized, enlarged patient platform, creates a more comfortable patient experience.

“The EOS imaging system provides lightning-fast, high-quality images in a patient-friendly setting that maximizes safety, efficiency, and workflow while drastically minimizing radiation exposure,” said Adam Kanter, M.D., associate executive medical director of the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute. “It enables us to see the entire spine, its interconnections and balance points, so we can treat the underlying condition that caused the disc to rupture or the bone to slip. The EOS helps us understand why the problem occurred, not just that it did occur. If you simply treat the focal problem without an understanding of the underlying cause, you can surely expect more surgery down the road.”

Images from the EOSedge system can be developed into 3D models of the spine and lower limbs to assist with clinical decision-making. In addition, images can be seamlessly integrated into 3D surgical planning software, enabling surgeons to select and optimally position implants for spine surgeries.

Hoag’s comprehensive Spine Center is a recognized leader and provider of the most advanced non-operative and minimally invasive treatment options available. Hoag’s board-certified, fellowship-trained spine experts provide personalized patient-centered care that enables them to achieve some of the best clinical outcomes in the nation.


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