Hoag Promise Campaign Surpasses $627 Million and Climbing

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Hoag Hospital Foundation has surpassed the $627 million Hoag Promise Campaign goal 18 months ahead of its December 31, 2020 target, thanks to more than 22,000 donors who made 83,000-plus Hoag Promise Campaign gifts.

Hoag will continue raising funds for the Hoag Promise Campaign until its end date in a bid to meet or exceed its ambitious clinical fundraising priorities within the larger campaign.

“Health care will never stop evolving and innovating, and Hoag will never relinquish its vision of providing leading-edge care in all of our service lines,” said Flynn A. Andrizzi, Ph.D., Hoag Hospital Foundation president. “Philanthropy is the key to clinical leadership, and we will continually raise funds to build on what we’ve all accomplished to date. Our goals are mile markers, not stopping points.”

As the Hoag Promise Campaign approaches its completion date at the close of 2020, our volunteers will remain the driving force behind its continuing success. More than 300 Hoag Promise Campaign volunteers are led by the Hoag Promise Campaign Leadership Council which includes Dick Allen, Terry Callahan, Pei-yuan Chia, Jim Coufos, David Horowitz, Roger Kirwan, Karen Linden and Ginny Ueberroth.

“It’s so gratifying to witness the generosity and enthusiasm of donors who are passionate about supporting Hoag in providing world-class health care right here in our own community,” said Hoag Promise Campaign Leadership Council Member Ginny Ueberroth. “I look forward to finishing strong by well exceeding the goal we set for ourselves so that Hoag will continue to provide our community with access to future innovations and advances in care.”

Strategic priority areas for the Hoag Promise Campaign support innovation across the organization including leading-edge treatments such as precision medicine; research that transforms care including developmental therapeutics; recruiting and retaining renowned physicians through the Endowed Chair program; early adoption of technology such as 3D virtual reality surgical imaging; building exceptional facilities throughout Orange County; and continuing education through nurse scholarships and physician fellowship programs.

For more information about the Hoag Promise Campaign, visit www.hoagpromise.orgor contact Hoag Hospital Foundation at 949.764.7219.

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