First Graduate of Hoag Lifestyle Program Determined to Reach His Goals

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Jim Duffy is no stranger to hard work. With a fighting spirit from his more than 23 years in the U.S. Army Special Forces and a Purple Heart recipient, he jumped at the chance to tackle a new challenge.

That challenge was getting back in shape after battling health issues for years.

After scheduling an appointment with Dr. Gabriel Carpio-Bracho, family medicine and sports medicine specialist at Hoag Health Center Foothill Ranch, Jim was able to talk through his overall health and wellness goals. Together they determined a plan to help him make those goals a reality.

“My main focus was to lose weight and feel my best again,” said Jim. “After knee replacement surgery, I struggled to get up and down without assistance. I made it my mission to be able to get down on one knee and stand back up on my own.”

Dr. Carpio-Bracho prescribed Jim to participate in the Hoag Lifestyle Program where he had access to registered dietitians, fitness trainers and health coaches – all included in his care plan and at no additional cost.

Jim was prescribed training at the BIOCIRCUIT™ studio, a state-of-the-art facility with high-tech fitness machines that adjust automatically to customized settings for each user. The machines remember previous workouts and make recommendations and adjustments according to a wide array of biometric readings, which were monitored in collaboration with a physician and the health coach.

He attended the BIOCIRCUIT studio five days per week to work towards his goals. This regimen helped Jim find his motivation and focus again.

“Jim’s Army background really showed when he started the program,” said Lori Mueller, program manager of the Hoag Lifestyle Program at Hoag Health Center Foothill Ranch. “His discipline and determination to achieve his wellness goals was inspiring.”

After the completion of the 60-day program, Jim became the first graduate of the Hoag Lifestyle Program. He credits his success to the motivational health coaching, valuable advice, fitness app, and the state-of-the-art equipment.

“It was incredible to have the whole team rooting me on through the program,” said Jim. “I learned so much by having the health coaches and dietitians integrated with my physician to keep me on track.”

After graduating, Jim has continued to follow the workout routine and nutrition guidance he established in the program.

“I’m so grateful to live near Hoag Health Center Foothill Ranch and the amazing team of the Hoag Lifestyle Program,” said Jim. “Just seeing the building reminds me to stay accountable for my health and wellness goals.”